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In the Studio

Carlos creates imaginary landscapes in which the interaction between color, light, perspective and movement is the cornerstone.

Carlos Azañedo (Madrid, 1990) is a fast-rising contemporary artist who graduated in Architecture with the highest rating, honorable mention, from University in Madrid. His background in architecture has strongly influenced his painting style and technique. He has very personal pictorial language that is expressed through his quick and spontaneous brushstrokes. He does not make previous sketches, but his brushstrokes flow naturally and intuitively from within. Neither does he paint from any specific reference, but is inspired by the memories, experiences and perceptions that he has been internalizing from the outside world. Thus, the artist’s paintings consist of imaginary landscapes that he builds in his mind, which reflect the feelings he wants to communicate in that series, and which he transfers directly to the canvas. This process makes each of the paintings exceptionally original, as well as the fact that he seeks to discover a different color palette in each artwork.

Carlos describes his paintings as compositions through color, each artwork having a unique combination, which aim to capture the light, the dynamism and the specific atmosphere of the scene. Ultimately, the way this artist uses color, light, movement and perspective makes his paintings so complex, yet so alive.

Exhibited across Spain, and abroad in Europe, the U.S. and Japan. His work has been featured in the media, notably in renowned national and international publications.

Carlos Azañedo Studio. Madrid, May 2021

“I strive for my works to express pure creativity and unlimited imagination, so that the viewer can dream about previously unknown scenarios.”​

Carlos Azañedo

“I live in a world where everything is interconnected and in continuous movement. All is subject to constant change. Events happen very fast, long before we can even assimilate them. That is what I intend to reflect in my paintings: the freneticism that prevents us from being able to enjoy the present, from being able to recreate the past. The creative process I am going through leads me to the abstraction of forms; however, I strive to make my work somehow recognizable to the viewer. In any series of paintings, I intend to transport the viewer to an undefined time and place that is at the same time perceptible within his or her experiences.”

Carlos Azañedo

“Painting is for me a means of reflection, a way of understanding life, and a unique approach to stop time and make it eternal. I paint inspired by my inner thoughts, experiences, and emotions. I paint what I carry within my soul, I don’t care about what is static and defined, I am interested in what is changing and complex.”

Carlos Azañedo

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